Solitude’s Cloak

Solitude’s Cloak

In solitude’s embrace, the wolf roams free,
Amidst the wild, where echoes haunt the trees.
His paws etch tales in mud and clay,
A vagabond spirit in an untamed land.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
He seeks a kin, beneath the vast sky.
Yearning for warmth in a pack’s embrace,
Yet destiny’s whispers, a solitary chase.

His bluish eyes, a silent plea,
To belong, to find where he could be.
Each night’s howl, a song of hope,
Across desolate lands, he learns to cope.

The moon, his guide, through the unknown,
His heart beats, a symphony all his own.
Strength in solitude, resilience in stride,
A lonesome wanderer, seeking his tribe.

Through trials endured, the lone wolf knows,
In solitude’s cloak, resilience grows.
For in the endless quest for belonging’s grace,
He discovers solace in his boundless space.
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